Why Don’t You Answer These Questions Mr. Home Minister of Meghalaya

It is a historic moment. The day after Mr. James K. Sangma, Home Minister of Meghalaya and NPP MLA, snapped at the press, Press fraternity decided to pose 24 questions to Mr. Sangma. Hope he has some answers. 

1) When is the state delegation meeting the Union Home Minister Amit Shah on the Inner Line Permit (ILP) issue?

2) Suspected miscreants from across the international border entered Indian territory and attacked civilians near the Dawki border village. What are the steps taken to verify the culprits and bring them to book and ensure security of the citizens in the border area?

3) What are the actions being taken by the state government to prevent illegal transportation of coal in the state? What do you have to say on the allegation that these illegalities are being carried out right under the nose of the state police? 4) Are you aware that coal-laden trucks are plying round the clock on the national highways?

5) You as the home minister never gave statements when the state was facing law and order problems. Why were you silent?

6) You are alleged to have been responsible for illegal collection at the Dainadubi check gate. What do you have to say about this?

7) What do you have to say on the allegation of nexus between police and ministers, politicians and the coal barons in the alleged illegal coal transportation on the highways?

8) What is the status of the inquiry into the suspected murder of a KSU leader Teiborlang Marwein in South West Khasi Hills District?

9) What measures are being taken to prevent crimes against women and children in the light of numerous cases recorded in the state, the latest being the gang rape of a minor girl in West Jaintia Hills district?

10) What is the government doing about the cry of the people residing along the dispute areas on the Assam-Meghalaya border with the repeated atrocities against them by the Assam police?

11) What is the status of the assault case on Agnes Kharshiing and Amita Sangma and the murder of Poipynhun Majaw, former president of the Jaintia Youth Federation (JYF)?

12) What is the power scenario in the state?

13) What is the reason behind the load shedding? How long will the load shedding continue?

14) What is the status of the Saubhagya scheme (centrally sponsored electricity project) being implemented in the state?

15) When will the Meghalaya Energy Corporation Limited (MeECL) be restructured?

16) When will the state government clear the pending dues of more than Rs 600 crore to NEEPCO?

17) Are there any pending dues with other power generating companies? Please give the details.

18) What is the status of the hydro and thermal power projects in the state?

19) There were many assaults and arson cases during the anti-CAA protests and ILP campaigns? How many FIRs were filed and the status of each case?

20) A mock drill was conducted on January 6, creating panic among the public in the city. Is the government anticipating any trouble and from whom?

21) Has there been any inquiry ordered into the alleged diversion of central fund worth over Rs 16.50 crore by the Jaintia Hills Autonomous District Council (JHADC)? What is the government’s take on the demand made by the four MDCs for a CBI probe into the matter?

22) What is the status as far as the appointment of the CEM of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) is concerned?

23) Has the Governor approved the recommendation of the Cabinet for invoking the Administrator’s Rule in the KHADC?

24) What step the state government is taking to address the financial crunch faced by the three autonomous district councils — KHADC, JHADC and GHADC?


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