Quest for a new Rahul Gandhi – ver 32.1 MEGHALAYA ROCKER

If there was any doubt that the Congress is flailing to find an image for its King designate, welcome to 5th Ground, Polo, Shillong on Mahatma Gandhi’s martyrdom day. RG is attending an ‘Evening celebrating Meghalaya’s way of life’. No not our unemployment, ravaged environment, corruption, family politics, landlessness but the usual tourist speak – people of Meghalaya love to lose themselves in music or what we in RAIOT call Shillong as CROC (Crap Rock Capital).

His party’s MP and the working president of Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee, Mr. Vincent Pala (yes the same one whose brother Phillip Pala graced Panama Papers) eloquently introduced the party, “There is no other way to connect to the youths than the medium of music and hence the Congress president chose the same.”

In a state where the Youth can look forward to precariously working on one of the lowest minimum wages in India, it obviously makes sense for the Congress Party to strum their guitar. Maybe RG has seen too many of the viral videos of pPower dealer Dr. Mukul Sangma twisting and shouting, ‘All my love’ with opposition rockers

or Merry Christmasing out of tune

As Captain Beefheart once said, “people want entertainment not employment.” And he was right. In Meghalaya employment in Government sector means white ink and bribe or contract labour with low wages, no leave, no social security. So unlike what Bob Marley said about a Hungry Man, RG will not be welcomed by ‘angry’ people but head banging youth like these Pynursla youth in the election rally of Congress turncoat, White Ink Hall of Shamer, aspirant Chief Minister from NPP, Mr. Prestone Tynsong. Grab a note for your vote.

Heterodox subaltern Hindu in Gujarat, Sufi in Media summits, Nervous nerd in Berkley or Middle Aged, Middle of the Road Mediocre Rocker in Meghalaya, RG may want a new image for himself but he is competing with the master Chameleon, that man with the changing headgear and bad beat.

RG frankly who are your advisors? Do you really think that you can grab the fluff, fancy dress populist narrative from NaMo? He has blood and sweat of Gujarat riding behind him, you just have a dimple.

#AMNESIA – digital suicide feat. MODI on drums

We know that Meghalaya with 2 MPs and 60 MLAs mean nothing in this vast Hindustan and thus you will never eat Doh Masi Kylla to celebrate our way of life, so here is some unsolicited playlist. They shall never play these for you. And we begin with Dylan, America’s own Lou Majaw.
[su_quote] Ah, you’ve been with the professors and they’ve all liked your looks
With great lawyers you have discussed lepers and crooks
You’ve been through all of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s books
You’re very well-read, it’s well-known
But something is happening here and you don’t know what it is
Do you, Mr. Jones?[/su_quote]

[su_quote]Meet the new boss
Same as the old boss[/su_quote]

[su_quote]Mother, mother
There’s too many of you crying
Brother, brother, brother
There’s far too many of you dying
You know we’ve got to find a way
To bring some loving here today – Ya [/su_quote]


[su_quote]Call corruption
Them dey call nepotism
Inside the promotions
And inside all business
I say I waka waka waka
I see see see
So I waka waka waka…[/su_quote]

[su_quote]I’m sick and tired of hearing things from
Uptight short sided narrow minded hypocritics
All I want is the truth,
just give me some truth
I’ve had enough of reading things
By neurotic psychotic pigheaded politicians
All I want is the truth, just give me some truth[/su_quote]

[su_quote]I support the left, though I’m leaning, leaning to the right.
I support the left, though I’m leaning, leaning to the right.
But I’m not there when it’s coming to a fight.[/su_quote]

[su_quote]When one voice rules the nation
Just because they’re top of the pile
Doesn’t mean their vision is the clearest
The voices of the people
Are falling on deaf ears
Our politicians all become careerists[/su_quote]





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